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Nobody be on this community! So I Bring a Fic!

I know it might be too late for a revival, but I just HAD to post something on here!  Only 3 entries?! Are you kidding me?!

Title: Talk
Characters: Chris Martin; Will Champion; Jonny Buckland; Guy Berryman; Giant Robot
Summary: It's just the start of a fic that sprang to life in my head when I first saw the video for Talk.
When astronauts Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion land on an unknown planet, they expected to find aliens, not...this....
Warnings: Chris's voice has like, a hypnotic there's some craziness'll just have to read, lol.

Chris Martin was an astronaut.

Amazing! You might think. The famous Coldplay frontman is a space explorer, as well? That's so cool!

Well, it is cool, at first. But then you have to realize that not only was he a space explorer, but an intergalactic thief.

Yes, Chris, along with the rest of his bandmates, as his crew, traveled to different planets across the solar system, looking for treasures. Sometimes they found the most amazing things, like rare gems that let off the most beautiful glow and had hidden powers. Other times, they found nothing but space dust. Still, the thrill of traveling to otherworldly places, encountering all of the dangerous (and sometimes, life-threatening) obstacles along the way satisfied Coldplay just fine.

This time, the men were headed off to some cold, dark, moon-like planet in close vicinity to Neptune.

"So where to?" Jonny asked as the four of them were boarding their spacecraft, a disc-like ship that looked more like an alien's vehicle than an astronaut's. All of the guys were in their unique spacesuits- a military jacket, dark jeans, and Converse sneakers.

"A quiet little planet called...well, I'm not exactly sure what it's called. But I am aware that it's cold, very dark, and has some sort of life form living on it," Chris replied, shutting the drawbridge-like door of the ship behind them.

"Interesting," Will said, smiling softly. "Out of all the planets we've been to, I don't think we've seen any alien life yet."

"That's right!" Jonny added excitedly. "It's kind of odd, you know, seeing as we are intergalactic travelers. You'd think that we'd have stumbled upon aliens by now."

Guy slipped on his 3-D glasses. "True, true...and that's very nice and all- but what about the treasure?" 

He, Jonny, and Will all turned back to Chris, staring expectantly. He smirked, anticipating this question.

"I've done research...and there'll be heaps of it. Just inside the aliens' main headquarters. All we have to do is distract them and nab it."

That's all I have, so far. If anyone's still alive in this community, give me some feedback and I'll continue :D


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