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Coldplay Slash
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A Yellow Symphony
By Oscar Wilde

An omnibus across the bridge
Crawls like a yellow butterfly,
And, here and there, a passer-by
Shows like a little restless midge.

Big barges full of yellow hay
Are moored against the shadowy wharf,
And, like a yellow silken scarf,
The thick fog hangs along the quay.

The yellow leaves begin to fade
And flutter from the Temple elms,
And at my feet the pale green Thames
Lies like a rod of rippled jade.

And it was all yellow.

The Rules:
1. All fic must be Coldplay slash. No Het, though if there are Het themes that's acceptable.
2. If it's long or it's hot (R or NC-17), lj-cut it. Lock it if you feel the need.
3. No advertising other, unrelated communities or posting quizzes. This is also not the place to post pictures unless they contain specific slashy content.
4. No excessive Gwyn bashing. You don't like her? That's fine, I'm not so fond of her myself, but this isn't the place for it, and I sincerely doubt you know her personally so frankly, shut it. Make love not war.
5. This is more a suggestion: Have fun.
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